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On 28 September the book ‘Natlab – Kraamkamer van ASML, NXP en de cd’ (‘Natlab – incubator for ASML, NXP and the compact disc’) will be released at...
On September 16, councilor Tankir of Nijmegen lays an innovative brick to officially kick off the construction of new business premises for EPR. This...

Shared Facilities available

Novio Tech Campus has a laboratory available where companies can share equipment.

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Novio Tech Campus

Driving force behind the ecosystem Novio Tech Campus is actively focused on the developments that are taking place at the cross-over between the High Tech and Life Sciences sectors. Novio Tech Campus is a place where

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Our world of Health Tech

  Our World of Health Tech In The Netherlands, innovation policy is based around a number of themes, or 'top sectors'. The development themes which have a direct link with the Health Tech Region are in the top

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Finance and investments

Innovation funds and investment opportunities Taking an innovation to market can be a long process which can be financed in various ways - from innovation funds to equity participation, and from incentive schemes to v

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