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Update of our partners of Oost NV - change of name

Our partner Oost NV has a message for you! From now on they will be known as Oost NL after a merger with PPM Oost. In the message below you can read why this merger took place and what it means for you. 

Oost NV and PPM Oost are now one: Oost NL

As of July 1st this year Oost NV and PPM Oost have merged. Our new name is Oost NL. We will be combining our strengths in order to meet society’s challenges and to increase our impact on the regional economy.

Fully integrated - naturally!

For us the merger is a natural development. We’ve been working together in Apeldoorn for years, and an increasing amount of the work we do is integrated with each other. We combine our knowledge, our networks and our expertise in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial community in East Netherlands and to help companies achieve their business goals.

New name, familiar faces

Marius Prins will be the director of Oost NL. He has been director of PPM Oost for the past 14 years, up until he was named principal director of Oost NV, in December last year, in anticipation of our merger. He will be ably supported in his position at Oost NL by his second-in-command, Karin van Willigen.

Changes in website and email addresses

Perhaps you’ve noticed that our email address has changed. Even though our old email address will still be functional, it’s better if you can add our new address to your address book. The same applies to our website address:


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