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Finance and investments

Innovation funds and investment opportunities

Taking an innovation to market can be a long process which can be financed in various ways - from innovation funds to equity participation, and from incentive schemes to vouchers - all of which may be available for start-ups, growing businesses or specific projects. For a complete overview of financing funds and investment opportunities, see or contact Oost NV and PPM Oost.

Some examples of financing opportunities include:

RedMedtech Ventures

RedMedtech Ventures supports start-ups in Life Sciences & Health, such as by providing a loan of up to max. €375,000 to establish a new company, protect intellectual property or develop a proof of concept. On top of that, RedMedtech Ventures provides access to its network in the Life Sciences & Health sector (e.g. hospitals and health insurance companies) and facilitates contact with board members, opinion leaders, experienced entrepreneurs within biotech and medtech companies and investors.

More information about RedMedtech Ventures


Innovatie- en Investeringsfonds Gelderland

Innovatie- en Investeringsfonds Gelderland (IIG) is an innovation and investment fund which provides finance for innovative projects by SMEs in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Eligible companies are primarily active in the areas of food, health, energy and environmental technology. Innovation projects in the manufacturing and creative industry can also apply to be considered for the fund. Preference is given to innovation projects which involve collaboration between several parties. One of the other criteria is that a private investor co-invests along with IIG and based on the same terms and conditions.


Gelderland valoriseert!

Knowledge institutes, companies and government bodies in Gelderland have pooled their resources to form a consortium to stimulate innovation and jobs in the region. Initially this takes the form of regional collaboration both within and between the creative manufacturing, chemical and energy sectors. The 'Gelderland valoriseert!' scheme provides EUR5 million worth of subsidy for innovation within these designated 'top sectors'.

More information about Gelderland valoriseert!


Business Angels

The Business Angels network in the east of The Netherlands is called Meesters van de Toekomst ('Masters of the Future'), and comprises more than 200 private investors who are prepared to take risks and participate in companies with potential. In addition to providing venture capital, a 'Business Angel' also shares their expertise with the entrepreneur and gives access to their networks.

More information about Meesters van de Toekomst


European programmes

In collaboration with other companies and research institutes, you can apply for European financing. Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost NV gives you access to European funds such as the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) or the Interregional Community Initiative (Interreg). Interregis a European programme that aims to boost the economy and the labour market in the Dutch-German border area, among other regions.

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