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Housing & Facilities


On Novio Tech Campus it is possible to hire full-service offices and meeting rooms as well as high-quality laboratories. Kadans Science Partner runs Building M on Novio Tech Campus and rents out suitable commercial space within the building at attractive prices. Start-ups may be eligible to apply for rent subsidies through SMB Life Sciences. SMB works with various types of occupants and helps companies to choose the right commercial space for their needs.


Laboratories, both standard and flexible

Many different types of laboratories are available on Novio Tech Campus. You can rent chemical or microbiological labs in various categories (ML1, 2 or 3) and of various sizes (50-100m2). The laboratories can of course be equipped and extended in line with your individual requirements. You can also rent the so-called 'flex labs' on a temporary basis. All offices (22-60m2) are located close to the laboratories.


Shared facilities

Specific facilities or devices can be rented through an equipment pool. This enables you to save costs while receiving fast service. Needless to say, all equipment is calibrated and validated.

Examples include:

  • an autoclave;
  • washing area;
  • demi-water tap;
  • cleanroom.

The Radboudumc Technology Centers and Radboud Research Facilities provide you with access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment and expertise of Radboud University and Radboudumc. Moreover, companies on Novio Tech Campus such as NXP Semiconductors or Lead Pharma offer facilities which can be used by prior arrangement.


Meetings and gatherings in the Meet & Greet

The ground floor in Building M houses a flexible meeting area which can host gatherings of up to approx. 200 people. Additionally, it features three rooms which are suitable for holding meetings or training courses, for instance. All of the rooms are fully equipped with monitors and a fast internet connection with free Wi-Fi. The large meeting area includes as standard a projector, projection screen and an audio system. Moreover, SMB Life Sciences, which runs the Meet & Greet rooms, offers tailor-made catering options in collaboration with external caterers.


General facilities

The offices on Novio Tech Campus are located close to the laboratories. Standard facilities include a kitchenette with coffee machine and fridge, meeting facilities and a central meeting area (SMB Meet & Greet), free Wi-Fi and ample parking.


Good accessibility

Novio Tech Campus is situated on the Winkelsteeg business park in Nijmegen, close to NXP Semiconductors and Building 52.The site has excellent road links from all directions. The campus car park has capacity for 150 cars. The brand-new Nijmegen Goffert railway station is within walking distance of Novio Tech Campus.