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International area for Life Sciences, Health & High Tech


The Health Tech Region is the key international incubator for R&D and manufacturing companies who are active at the interface of Life Sciences, Health and High Tech. The region is a unique ecosystem: it is home to knowledge institutes and commercial enterprises, and it offers countless facilities in the fields of Life Sciences, Health and High Tech.



Nijmegen is a combination of a university city and a technology city. NXP Semiconductors, the country's largest chip manufacturer (which has been based in the Nijmegen region for more than 60 years), provides a firm foundation of high-tech facilities and manufacturing expertise. In collaboration with the innovative strength, research skills and knowledge of Radboud University, Radboudumc and the HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem/Nijmegen), successful companies such as MercaChem and Synthon form a complete ecosystem for enterprises and innovations at the interface of High-Tech Life Sciences, Health, Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Novio Tech Campus

An important driving force behind that ecosystem is Novio Tech Campus, which is actively focused on the developments taking place at the cross-over between the sectors. Novio Tech Campus is a place where companies can exchange knowledge, open an office and make active use of all the available facilities. It is an ideal base for companies which are ready to scale up from the laboratory/test phase to become a fully fledged manufacturing company. Furthermore the on-site knowledge, equipment and infrastructure, thanks to NXP Semiconductors, the Radboudumc Technology Centers and Radboud Research {C}

Facilities among others, make it a unique and indispensable location. Other organisations based at Novio Tech Campus include Health Valley, Business Cluster Semiconductors and SMB Life Sciences, all of whom can play a significant role in helping to find business partners.

The region's unique advantages and core focus:

  • Creating value thanks to the presence of a complete Life Sciences & Health ecosystem, from research to applications in the form of end products.
  • High-tech facilities
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Research facilities
  • Expertise on nanomedicine/diagnostic devices


InnovationLab Nijmegen

Novio Tech Campus has iLAB (InnovationLab) status. The iLAB Nijmegen is a collaboration between Novio Tech Campus and the iLAB on the Radboud Campus. iLAB status is awarded by the top sector Chemistry which wants to improve the innovative strength of small and medium-sized companies in The Netherlands and accelerate innovation. InnovationLabs have proven to be important instruments in that process. With the InnovationLabs, Novio Tech Campus above all supports ‘biochemistry entrepreneurs’ by providing laboratories and equipment. Such entrepreneurs can contact SMB Life Sciences, a partner of the initiative, for help with matters like preparing a healthy business plan, protecting their idea or attracting venture capital. This combination significantly increases the chances of success and growth for start-ups and evolving businesses alike.

More information about iLABs and the top sector Chemistry