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From labsize to growth

Large-scale production: the Health Tech Region makes it possible. Novio Tech Campus offers support to companies who want to scale up their products and processes. It gives the high-tech manufacturing industry both the facilities and the room to grow! Here, companies that have moved beyond the lab and R&D stage can expand, grow and above all manufacture on a large(r) scale. All the necessary know-how and facilities are available to enable enterprises at the interface of Life Sciences and High Tech to develop and evolve further.

InnovationLab Nijmegen

Novio Tech Campus has iLAB (InnovationLab) status, forming the iLAB Nijmegen in conjunction with the iLAB on the Radboud Campus. iLAB status is awarded by the top sector Chemistry which wants to improve the innovative strength of small and medium-sized companies in The Netherlands and accelerate innovation. InnovationLabs have proven to be important instruments in that process. With the InnovationLabs, Novio Tech Campus supports entrepreneurs by providing laboratories and equipment. Such entrepreneurs can contact SMB Life Sciences, a partner of the initiative, for help with matters like preparing a healthy business plan, protecting their idea or attracting venture capital. This combination significantly increases the chances of success and growth for start-ups and evolving businesses alike.

More information about iLAB's and Topsector Chemie

iLabs and COCI's (Centres of Open Chemical Innovation) cooperate in Chemistry Link. Chemical Link helps entrepreneurs in chemistry to innovate with finding the locations with the appropriate facilities and equipment.